Jennifer, CEO


  • Has worked in the field of orthodontics since age 12 and has had braces 5 times (her father was an orthodontist!)
  • Is a proud momma to three American hairless terriers – yes, dogs.
  • Loves to spend time with her family!
  • Is a passionate Tennessee fan who can be found smiling BIG if she is in Knoxville for a game!

Tamara, Senior Account Coordinator

  • Loves to travel and experience new places.
  • Loves camping, hiking, canoeing and lots of other outdoor activities.
  • Has a passion for helping solve the orphan crisis around the world, but especially in Haiti.
  • Loves numbers (math), photography, design, and good books… all of which go really well with hot tea.
  • Her love for God and a desire to make him known is what drives everything she does.

Leyna, Graphic Designer

  • Calls the Caribbean home and loves to go sailing, snorkeling, and island hopping when possible.
  • Owns/manages 3 Airbnbs on the island of St. Croix in the USVI.
  • Mom to 5 fur babies: Guapo, Rufus, Pixie, and Ossie, and Tara.
  • Vocalist in a band
  • 22-year cancer survivor

Kristen, Account Coordinator

  • Played volleyball in college – you want her on your team!
  • Loves to travel – has been to 11 countries & counting!
  • Can be caught cuddling with her dogs, Niko & Maya.
  • Values her family & faith the most in her life.

Elizabeth, Account Coordinator

  • Married to my high school sweetheart in 2019
  • Was a collegiate volleyball player
  • Owns a High School Senior Photography business on the side!
  • Middle child of 5! I love having a big family
  • Dog mom to two cute pups, Luca and Hazel
  • Love spending time at the lake in the sun

Liz, Executive Assistant

  • Loves everything about the 90’s! The style, the shows, the music!
  • Dreams of living on ranch with tons of golden retriever puppies.
  • Wishes coffee came in an IV!
  • Loves New York City in the fall!
  • Loves spending time with her family!

Rebekah, Account Manager

  • Loves baking, hiking, and meeting new people!
  • Favorite hobby is going to the movies 
  • Played collegiate basketball at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York
  • I have an identical twin!
  • Love to travel and explore new places!

Tracy, Social Media Coordinator

  • Loves to walk the isles of Home Goods and Target
  • Wife to a Firefighter and Girl Mama
  • Family vacations are her jam!
  • Mexican food is always a good idea! 
  • Love sports, playing volleyball and watching hockey! 
  • Home decor, shopping and reading a good book maker her heart happy!

Meg, Account Coordinator

  • Loves to travel 
  • Aspiring Minimalist
  • Obsessed with cleaning and organizing 
  • Loves finding a good deal 
  • Follower of Christ, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend 

Amy, Orders Concierge

  • A night in and a movie with the family is my jam.
  • Love to find new recipes and ‘wow’ my family with a good meal.
  • I grew up on a dairy farm.  
  • Love Jesus, my wonderful husband of 30 years and my 2 kiddos.
  • Serving and loving people brings me joy!
  • Binge watching a new found tv series is my favorite pastime.

Kaci, Account Manager

  • Wife of a Firefighter
  • Mother of three girls
  • Follower of Christ
  • Obsessed with all things Disney and Target!
  • Could eat Chick-Fil-A everyday

Brittany, Account Manager

  • Expert Target shopper (#targetcircle, ifykyk)
  • Loves Jesus, her husband, and two babies!!
  • Amateur movie and food critic
  • Guilty pleasure is binge watching any reality tv show- especially Bravo’s Real Housewives!!