Jennifer, CEO


  • Has worked in the field of orthodontics since age 12 and has had braces 5 times (her father is an orthodontist!)
  • Is a proud momma to two American hairless terriers – yes, dogs.
  • Loves to spend time with her family (even her two teenagers)!
  • Always on the edge of new techy products… her favorite smell is a new Apple product!

Tamara, Senior Account Coordinator

  • Loves to travel and experience new places.
  • Loves camping, hiking, canoeing and lots of other outdoor activities.
  • Has a passion for helping solve the orphan crisis around the world, but especially in Haiti.
  • Loves numbers (math), photography, design, and good books… all of which go really well with hot tea.
  • Her love for God and a desire to make him known is what drives everything she does.

Leyna, Graphic Designer

  • Navy brat, who has moved a total of 16 times in her life! Her favorite home being Key Largo, FL where she could swim with manatees in her backyard!
  • Loves to travel to the Caribbean with her husband Jason where she can exercise her passion for sailing, snorkeling, and anything under the sea.
  • Once traveled to Haiti and accidentally walked up on a sketchy Voodoo cow sacrifice in the middle of the jungle…eep!
  • Spends most evenings being a gym rat.
  • Loves most animals, and Mom to three Fur babies, Rufus, Pixie and Guapo Loco.
  • Is a 15-year cancer survivor!

Kristen, Account Coordinator

  • Played volleyball in college – you want her on your team!
  • Loves to travel – has been to 11 countries & counting!
  • Can be caught cuddling with her dogs, Niko & Maya.
  • Values her family & faith the most in her life.

Kaylee, Executive Assistant

  • Her happy place is the Hawaiian island of Kauai with her husband and son.
  • Loves her two dogs, Bodie and Lucy, who weigh over 130 pounds together!
  • Swears the Dallas Cowboys will make it all the way every season!
  • Has taken several medical missions trips to the Dominican Republic to share the love of Christ and facilitate access to good healthcare.

Elizabeth, Executive Assistant

  • Loves everything about the 90’s! The style, the shows, the music!
  • Dreams of living on ranch with tons of golden retriever puppies.
  • Wishes coffee came in an IV!
  • Loves New York City in the fall!
  • Loves spending time with her family!

Kristen, Graphic Designer

  • Lives her life for her family and faith.
  • Loves both the beach & the mountains!
  • Has to be creating & working on new ideas.
  • Has been blessed and cursed with a runaway imagination.
  • Has been designing for over 13 years!