Social Media Development & Monitoring

In today’s world, the average person turns to the internet for information and answers. Social media pages have become a great way to reach the target market for orthodontists and dentists—moms! Through features like targeting and built-in algorithms, you can easily access your ideal audience on social media pages.

Business professionals typically have very limited time to dedicate to their online presence and update their profiles across several webpages. However, social media is a fantastic place to promote your services to the public, and we see great success when used properly.

We know how to best use social media platforms to reach your current patients, as well as new ones, through online advertising and targeting. Our graphic design team is here to create custom, branded material to post on your social media to keep your followers engaged.

Whether you are looking to expand your presence or gain a larger following, Marketing by SOS can help! We are able to set up and manage your pages, as well as grow them. Our plans are not limited to “likes” or “followers” on sites, but extend out to new patients as well.

A strong social media plan goes beyond random posts on a Facebook page. Our account coordinators can create unique social media plans that incorporate an array of information through videos, blog links, and reviews that are engaging to your followers. We understand how to connect pages and analyze the data, so we can focus on what works instead of losing time on what does not.

Let us build you a social media plan that will increase traffic to your website and allow you to target potential new business in your area!

Reviews & Online Presence

A practice’s online presence is not just defined by social media. There are many websites that list businesses and allow people to review your practice. Marketing by SOS has a solid understanding of these pages and how to keep them updated for viewers.

Reviews are also a key ingredient to your online pages. Many potential patients search for information about a practice by reading reviews online. Marketing by SOS has several ways to boost your reviews and encourage happy patients to write them on avenues like Google+, Yelp, and Facebook.

Having a strong online presence is vital in today’s world of easily accessible information on hundreds of webpages. We can help you connect these platforms and monitor them daily with a coordinated plan. Also, we are able to track and read insights to let us know what information your patients want, so we can ensure that information is available to them.

Marketing by SOS is trained to solve the puzzle of knowing exactly who your audience is and how to reach them with the information they are seeking. Whether you are interested in a connection with your patients, providing information on a blog, or wanting to reach potential patients through an online advertisement—we are here to help!