Site Visits

To understand your practice as a whole, it is best for us to come visit you and meet your team. We will schedule a day to travel to your office and observe all aspects of your daily routine. There, we can offer immediate feedback about what we observe and how we can assist to make your great practice even better!

During the site visit, Marketing by SOS will meet with your entire staff and discuss how to work effectively with different personality types to better understand your work team. This short team building activity is both fun and rewarding. Also, we will complete a thorough assessment of the other offices in your area, both onsite and off.

This individual site visit allows us to tailor our marketing approach to the unique needs of your team and demographic. After the visit, our team will develop a report based on our findings, which includes our proposed marketing plan to achieve maximum results and take your practice to the next level!

Marketing Coordinator Coaching

Do you already have a marketing coordinator? Great!

Marketing by SOS works with marketing coordinators by coaching them through common issues and problems they will face in their position. These individuals know your practice and area well, and we love to enhance their knowledge by providing another perspective from our experiences.

We pride ourselves on teaching the ins and outs of orthodontic and dental marketing to these selected team members so that they will be comfortable to handle the position successfully on their own.

Our account coordinators are also accustomed to working with seasoned marketing coordinators and will walk them through anything that may be new to them. Whether you need a dental referral plan, an engaging social media contest, or are trying to strengthen your brand online, the Marketing by SOS team can create and coach you through a new and exciting strategy!