Have you taken a walk through thrift store recently? Specifically, the section of the “nobody wants them” t-shirts. This section consists of rows and rows of unworn and unwanted t-shirts handed out at every possible turn.  When you think back to high school or college, t-shirts were the item of choice to be handed out by the droves. Typically consisting of lots of logos of local businesses, few of which you paid attention too. Some of these t-shirts were coined special enough to make it into the prized t-shirt blanket, but many ended up on the rack at the local thrift store. One of our biggest reasons for designing t-shirts is that we don’t want your practice’s t-shirts to end up on that rack. We have recently launched a new t-shirt shop to keep this very thing from happening.

The difference in our t-shirt shop and other orthodontic and dental t-shirt sites is that we want your patients to wear your practice’s t-shirt until their children are ready for braces and to make it into the pile of limited shirts chosen for the t-shirt blanket. When you order orthodontic or dental t-shirts from our shop, they are individually customized to your practice with your website and logo on each one. But, the unique aspect of our t-shirts is that we don’t plaster your logo all over the front to be an obvious advertising gimmick. We place them on the top-center of the back of the t-shirt. There are many reasons for this, first is so that during the many events where your patients are likely to attend, other potential patients are reading your URL the entire time and engraining that into their memory. This makes these shirts a beneficial advertising investment, for your practice. Another reason we have a different placement of your logo is to encourage patients to wear your shirt. When they have a great looking image on the front, they are more likely to wear the shirt and bring additional ROI to you. The other great thing about our t-shirts is that many of the designs can be printed on a nicer and softer t-shirts that mimic a very expensive name brand. Trust us, you and your patients will love these shirts!

Customized Orthodontic t-shirts

Solomon Orthodontic Systems is focused on helping each practice we come in contact with and that is no different for our t-shirts.  We are constantly adding new designs, so make sure and “follow us” on Facebook and Pinterest to see what’s being added, weekly. If you are looking for a way to really standout with your practices dental or orthodontic t-shirts, go check out our store at store.marketingbysos.com. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just send us an email and our talented designers can help your practice be known for the awesome (and soft) t-shirts!