Take a minute to think about businesses that you prefer and frequently visit. Why do you like them? When it comes to spending money, most people in today’s culture want to be treated with importance. This means that they want to feel like their business is appreciated and special through the customer service that they receive. Most people also want their transactions to be easy and enjoyable. Places like Chick-fil-A, Trader Joe’s, and Amazon have mastered this concept and have built their entire business model around providing excellent customer service.

What is Patient-Centric?

This same desire also extends to patients looking for an orthodontist or dentist. If you want your services to stand out, you need to create ways to base your operations around the needs of people. A truly “patient-centric” business has processes that are built completely around the needs and wants of the business even if they are not what is easiest for your company or team. In most cases, these systems will probably add more work for your employees or yourself.

However, this is where patients will see you going the extra mile for them. This is the point that they will recognize that their expectations are being exceeded and will want to continue coming back or tell a friend about the service they received. These are the processes that will allow you to be different than the competition.

Is My Business Focused on Patients?

If you take a step back and really look closely at the systems in your office from a patient’s perspective, you will most likely find a couple of places to improve. This includes everything from your website, to the person answering your phones, to the way a patient feels when they leave the office. The Marketing by SOS team would love to help you find areas for growth opportunity and even train your team on different processes. Our team conducts office visits to evaluate your processes!

Have questions or want more information? Give us a call or send us an email today! We would love to help you take your practice to the next level of being patient-centric!