Social media connects us in a way once thought impossible! Engaging with clients across platforms is a great way your business down to earth and stand out in a sea of faceless companies. Whether it’s a positive review, a question, a complaint, or something else entirely, a prompt and genuine response can make a big impression! Knowing this, we’ve put together a few reasons we hope will inspire you to revamp your social media approach and your social media engagement!

1. It’s Free Advertising

One of the best things about social media accounts is that anyone can create and use them! Whether you have a small business or are part of a large company, you can put out custom ads and start conversations with your clientele with the push of a button. By setting your status on sites like Instagram to “business” you can gain access to analytics tracking how much your followers interact with each of your posts to better cater to your specific audience!

2. It’s Personal

Having a social media presence allows your customers to interact with you on an intimate level. Your posts will appear in their feeds where they can comment, like and share. Your posts can range from advertisements to honest behind the scene shots of everyday life at your company. Familiarity with your brand helps cultivate loyalty from customers who trust your product or service and your voice!

3. It’s Expected

These days it’s hard to find anyone without at least one social media account. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, your clients will expect to be able to find you online. Being available and current on social media will help your brand to maintain a fresh image in the feeds of customers constantly searching for you!

4. Brings Feedback

Social media allows for instantaneous communication to previously difficult to reach brands. Customers can comment on your posts, directly message you, or even make a post of their own with feedback on your product or service. A prompt response from you, offering help or simply expressing gratitude can serve as a big image boost to a follower!

5. A Face to the Name

Brands, especially large ones, can easily lose their human image as they grow. Social media allows for companies to bring their brand back down to earth, reminding clients that they are run by people just like them!

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