Why is it important to be involved with local schools as an orthodontist or pediatric dentist? There are lots of reasons! Marketing by SOS recommends that you allow some of your marketing funds to go to the schools in your area because you want your services to reach the parents or guardians of school aged children.

Local Schools = Target Market

We have found that in most cases, moms tend to be the decision makers when it comes to choosing a doctor or services for their kids. For this reason, it is important that your efforts in local schools reach mom or dad. Why? We want them to read about your promotion and amazing services and be able to find your information!

In addition, moms are usually awesome referral sources. Many moms (and dads!) are very connected with other parents and teachers at their kids’ schools. This is a great opportunity for them to share their experience with your office with others. They are also typically very active on social media and can use social media sites as a referral source. Make sure that you equip them with information to share!

How to Connect

Marketing by SOS would love to brainstorm ideas with you on how to connect with schools. We are aware that many schools have increased security policies and can help guide you with ideas to reach teachers, kids, and parents. We have programs specifically designed to utilize moms and the connections they have as well as special programs to reach teachers specifically.

In addition, schools are always looking for sponsors for things like sports, activities, and yearbook or planner ads. While these are great opportunities, allow us to explain a program we offer that take these sponsorships one step further. Contact us today for more information about Smiles that Give Back or other connection ideas!

Last, kids love to represent their schools! We can design custom t-shirt designs for your office to give to kids at appointments. These designs allow for a school mascot, but still have your website and logo on the back! Our super soft, premium tees will definitely be worn in local schools!

Contact Us

In conclusion, we have many great ways to help you connect with local schools in your area and would love to find what is best for you. With Teacher Appreciation Week in May, graduations approaching, and a new school year coming, now is a great time to review your marketing plan! Contact us today!