Has your marketing budget been stretched to the extreme, but you are in need strong stock photography for your print material or website? Buying stock photography from well-known websites can seem like a great idea. There is a large selection and plenty to choose from, but are these a good representation your hard work and your practice? It is important to use photos that are orthodontist-certified because of the quality of smile, centerline, and positioning of the jaw.

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Being an orthodontist requires an individual who is precise and strives for perfection on each smile you create.  How many times have you browsed your competition’s website or print material and came across the same photos you had just spent a large chunk of your marketing budget to purchase?  At Solomon Orthodontic Systems, we recognize this challenge.  Not only do the photos not always represent the dedication the orthodontic field requires, they also allow for multiple rights in the same geographic region. It is always good to remember that your target market includes moms and they love to see strong photos with great smiles that represent you and your work.

The photos chosen for the SOS store are hand-selected by our team who has an eye for what a great smile should look like. They look for any imperfection and ensure the smiles will bring only the best results for your practice. If you are in need of high-quality, orthodontist-approved photos to use in your marketing that cannot be used on your competition’s website or print materials, take a few minutes and look through our “stock photography” section of the SOS Store, located at store.marketingbysos.com. The rights to the stock photos on our store can only be issued to one practice in each state and with purchase, we guarantee that exclusivity to you.  If your practice currently has the rights to a photo, no other practice in your state can use the same photograph.

Here at SOS, we understand the orthodontic field and know how important it is to demonstrate that to your patients and potential patients. For your current patients, we have a category just for your observation and recare patients in the “kids category”. For your potential patients, we want to help you find the best representation of the smiles you create.


Check out the images at www.store.marketingbysos.com!