Paper piles, patient folders stacked to the ceiling, overcrowded waiting area and staff running frantically through the office.  Disorganization, the almost-deadly infection of orthodontic and dental practices everywhere. There are people that cringe at the sound of the word, “organization,” and yet, others thrive on it. It is something that comes very easy to some and very difficult to others. Many different factors come in to play when speaking about a person’s desire to be organized, mainly personality and lifestyle.  Organization, though often deemed unimportant, is vital to the success of any practice or business and is also the key to growth and trust.

Efficiency is the cause of negative or positive first impressions. When a patient walks into an office, they can immediately tell if their appointment will be on time or delayed due to the flow of the office. As a patient, walking into an office and seeing a clean, cohesive, and prepared front desk brings great comfort and begins to build trust. If a doctor walked into their own office, as a patient, what would they see? It is essential that a front desk and employees reflect the desired first impression. A practice has the power to make the first impression, the right one.

In addition to giving a first impression, organization also encourages confidence in the staff and patients. Employees will be more confident in their work environment if there is order and a defined process in the office. This confidence will shine through the staff and be seen by the patients.

Being unorganized and inefficient often fuels stress and chaos. A patients’ visit should flow seamlessly and quickly. The more unorganized the practice, the longer the visit will take and more unhappy the patients and staff will become. It is extremely difficult for practices to be successful without organization present in their offices and can often be the cause of an unwanted downward spiral of disorder and confusion.

Take it from us; being organized is never a bad thing! How efficient is your office and do you feel like you are optimizing your productivity?  If you are unsure of how your practice operates compared to other practices and need some guidance on what to do to get your practice to the next “level”, Solomon Orthodontic Systems can help you! We specialize in practice administration support and will travel to your office and evaluate your efficiency and operations.

Get the most out of your practice and allow us to help you take your business to new heights. Our practice administration team will offer you real and honest critiques and offer you new and exciting strategies that are unique to your office!

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