There is some debate about exactly how important blogs are for websites. Some experts argue that it does not help much in the grand scheme of things, however we have found that there are 3 major reasons that blogs are important and needed on orthodontic and dental websites.

1. Traffic – Blog posts that are interesting or target a specific group of readers will drive users to your website. Whether the reader found your article on social media or on a Google search, the link will direct them to your website and will expose your services to a potential new patient. The article can also serve as an educational read for your current patients and help keep you top of mind for a younger sibling or friend.

2. SEO Boost – Although the extent is debated, a blog post will help your SEO presence. Search engines like Google and Bing do recognize a blog as new, fresh content on your website which increases your results on search engines. If set up correctly with keywords, categories, and readability, your blog post will be flagged according to the keywords you set.

3. Patient Relationships – Posting relevant information for your patients and/or their parents will strengthen the trust of some of them and give them a reason to look at your website after the initial few times. Even if a blog post is an extension of what is already on your website, it is a way to highlight that specific topic and make it a little easier to find more information. To some, a blog even helps enforce your expertise in your field of work.

If you are interested in setting up a blog platform or are in need of someone to enhance your blog platform, contact us! We can work on many different website platforms and create unique content for our clients.