With the weather outside being so chilly the last few weeks, it is hard to imagine we are already making plans NOW for your summer marketing. But at Marketing by SOS, we know that just like simmer cooked chili on a cold winter day, so will your marketing plan be more complete, bold, and flavorful when given the opportunity to develop and brew over time.

Consider this: the average consumer (who, in our industry, are the moms ages 25-49) requires at least 7 impressions before making their buying decision.

How are we going to get consumers to see YOUR brand seven times? Social media? Personal conversations? Office signage? Direct emails? Postal ads? Specialist referrals? …and when they DO see those impressions, how do we ensure that they are positive, strong and cohesive?

And don’t forget, these seven impressions cannot be simply thrown out into one campaign and expected to achieve desired results and new patient calls. Your campaign, and consequently, your impressions must be built over time, simmered like a hearty chili on a cool day, displaying the quality, consistency and excellency that can be expected from your practice.

On average, your financial consultant advises you that your marketing spends should only sit around 1-3% of collections. This will be a fine variable if all you want is to maintain at your current level of patient base, however this percentage is NOT realistic if you are aspiring for aggressive growth. If your goal is to continue to expand and increase your patient volume for the 2018 summer (and beyond), then you need to consider a 4-7% investment and, more importantly, begin investing that NOW! No matter what you direction you decide to embark on with your practice, you need to begin thinking through that plan now.

As you think about your goals and your future marketing plan, be reminded of these simple tips:

  1. Take the time to review all your impression possibilities and decide what you need to do to improve them. (There is always room for improvement)
  2. Decide how you would like to target new patients through external marketing. (We can help!)
  3. Diligently track your incoming new patient calls to help verify your investment is yielding a return.
  4. Measure the conversion rate!

Need help analyzing and strategizing for your marketing goals? We are here to help! Let Marketing by SOS assist you, and let’s get to work NOW! It is never too early to start thinking about how to fill your summer new patient slots.