With over 1.1 billion users, Facebook continues to be a top destination for orthodontics practices, both big and small. But with so many visitors posting content, it has become increasingly difficult for brands to stand out. Which is why Facebook has recently dialed up its news feed algorithm: Edgerank.

Using a series of filters, Edgerank serves up content relevant to each user. The issue is that it’s becoming for more difficult for offices to communicate effectively because of their position in the algorithm. That is until Facebook introduced promoted posts last year.

For as little as $5, promoted posts gives marketers the ability to bypass Edgerank completely and increase visibility to fans (and friends of fans).

The question we get all of the time is should Facebook ad dollars reallocated towards promoted posts? The answer depends on whether your practice is looking for new fans or more loyal ones. Both are different but important.
Our recommendation is to start small with an integrated approach, allocating dollars for both.